Multitask Humanoid Control with a Brain-Computer Interface: user experiment with HRP-2

P. Gergondet, A. Kheddar, C. Hintermuller, C. Guger, and M. Slater
Date of publication: 
13th International Symposium on Experimental Robotics (ISER)

In this paper, we present our approach to design a brain-computer
interface (BCI) that allows the user to perform multitask humanoid control. We
eciently integrate techniques from computer vision and the task-function based
control together with the brain-computer interface into an immersive and intuitive
control application despite the well-known shortcomings of BCI. This approach is
assessed in a user experiment involving 4 subjects who successfully controlled the
HRP-2 humanoid robot in a scenario involving both grasping tasks and steering.
The user experiences and the interface performances are presented and give a rich
insight into future research that can be made to improve and extend such interface.