CEEDS - The Collective Experience of Empathic Data Systems (CEEDs) project aims to develop novel, integrated technologies to support human experience, analysis and understanding of very large datasets.

VERE - This Integrated Project aims at dissolving the boundary between the human body and surrogate representations in immersive virtual reality and physical reality. The work may be thought of as applied presence research and applied cognitive neuroscience, and it would significantly add to scientific knowledge in these areas.


HiVE - HiVE will probe the limits of non-invasive computer-to-brain interfaces by carrying out research using improved brain stimulation paradigms to explore fundamental neuroscience questions and applications, and by designing and testing more powerful, controllable and safe non-invasive brain stimulation technologies.




BEAMING - BEAMING is the process of instantaneously transporting people (visitors) from one physical place in the world to another (the destination) so that they can interact with the local people there. This is achieved through shifting their means for perception into the destination, and decomposing their actions, physiological and even emotional state into a stream of data that is transferred across the internet.


INTERSTRESS - stands for Interreality in the Management and Treatment of Stress-Related Disorders. The INTERSTRESS project aims to design, develop and test an advanced ICT-based solution for the assessment and treatment of psychological stress.




VERVE - Vanquishing fear and apathy through e-inclusion: Personalized and populated realistic virtual environments for clinical, home and mobile platforms.