Benyon, David

Main research area: 
Human Computer Interaction
Other Research areas: 
Augmented and Mixed Reality
Centre for interaction Design, Edinburgh Napier University
Historical Echoes
United Kingdom

David Benyon’s research focus since joining Napier University in 1996 has been to shift
attention from a narrow view of human-computer interaction (HCI) to the idea of
‘navigation of information space’; a new view of HCI that focuses on how people find
their way around the information spaces created by new media. He has just finished
working on a major textbook called Designing Interactive Systems. Co-authored with
Phil and Susan Turner, this was published in November 2005. He has a book for MIT
Press (published in 2007 and co-authored with Manual Imaz) on HCI theory called
Designing with Blends: conceptual foundations of human-computer interaction and
software engineering. The main focus of this work is currently artificial companions for
older people, and virtual environments. This has encouraged an exploration of the
demands of different people and on understanding the design aspects of virtual places
that give people a sense of presence.