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Working with children who experience pain and trauma every day is a great challenge for health care professionals.
ditto™ began with a vision: to design a device using the concepts of virtual reality. We aimed to embrace this challenging issue in the care of children and provide a vital solution with far reaching implications; to help children aged between 3 and 14 yrs anywhere the child may feel pre procedure anxiety or anxiety related pain in the hospital environment. ditto™ is a tool which has been shown to reduce anxiety related pain, specifically for children during traumatic medical procedures. The colourful marker characters called 'Dittems' can be inserted into the ditto™ to choose between procedural preparation, stories and games. The intuitive user interface has other fun tangible interaction thanks to the touch screen and the motion sensors. Once in a ditto™ game or story, the child can tip and turn the ditto™ to look around or control the scene. ditto™ offers a range of entertaining stories and games that are interactive under the child's control. It has exciting modes of interaction including touch screen, colourful marker keys, and response to physical movement. Children can sit in a variety of positions while using the ditto™. It is appropriate for children ages 3-14, receiving painful or perceived painful stimuli in a hospital environment.