Design for All Project

Sw integration and advanced Human Machine Interfaces in design for Ambient Assisted Living

This project has been financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research within the cluster TAV (Technology for the Ambient Assisted Living).

Traditional design is oriented to the standard man. This hinders to meet the variety of skills, knowledge,
wishes and ambitions. Hence, this project brings the idea to promote a design oriented to the real individual,
both holistic and inclusive, exploiting everybody in his peculiarities. The design process has, then, to embed
the human behavioral differences. The design of a domotics environment for elderlies, disabled people or
families requires a set of heterogeneous tools during its whole lifecycle (e.g. design, utilization, control and
monitoring). A great attention has to be given to the specific user who will interact with the several
functionalities and technologies available and the way the user will interact with these services. Moreover,
information and data are extremely heterogeneous and they have to be managed or retrieved from the
environment by means of the sensors and then exported to make them available to the end user (the home
user or the doctor as an example of remote user).