3D solutions

Dassault Systèmes, worldwide leader in 3D solutions, has revolutionized the industry and the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with its software for design, simulation and collaboration in 3D. The company's new challenge is to put its know-how and 3D HC2 Deliverable D1.3 HCC Map 95 30/09/2011
lifelike experience technologies at the heart of the relationship between brands, products and consumers.
Dassault Systèmes has designed and developed new marketing tools based on full immersion, interactivity, involvement of the spectator into the content to offer a series of innovative experiments that place the user at the heart of the 3D experience.
Experiential 3D, an interactive media with new dimensions
The applications of interactive 3D beyond the world of industry and video game are endless. In the late 90s, the challenge for advertisers was to ensure their presence on the Internet in 2D. Their new challenge is to reinvent the rules of interaction with consumers, involving them more in their brand's world through multichannel emotional experiences. This new challenge requires experiential 3D which allows, from an advertiser's single virtual world, to imagine new forms of multi-platform experiences, whether individual or collective, through Internet devices or through the most complex virtual and augmented reality systems, using game consoles, 3D screens or even movie theatres.