Synthetic biology, Biological computing
United States

Every once in awhile a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. You are very fortunate, if you can work at least on one of these products during your career. There have been several major breakthroughs in medicine. Biological computers are the next revolutionary product that will change the way medicine is practiced. What are biological computers? In traditional silicon-­based computers, the work is done by chips and circuit boards. In biological computing, the machinery of life replaces the chips and circuit boards of traditional computing. Biological computers apply the recent discoveries from the field of Synthetic Biology. Synthetic Biology (engineering with biological parts) is becoming the defining science of the 21st century. Recent scientific developments in Synthetic Biology make the dream of biological computing a reality. The possibilities are mind blowing and will revolutionize the way we will do personalized medicine.

CytoComp empowers individuals to take control of their health through safely and effortlessly leveraging the power of biological computing applications for personalized medicine, fitness, and health.

CytoComp’s mission is to lead the global revolution in biological computing. By applying synthetic biology and nanobioelectronics, we engineer solutions to monitor and control biological systems. We are developing a general purpose biological microprocessor. This microprocessor takes both a biological and electrical signal as input and output. Thus users can track input and output in the microprocessor via a smartphone interface. The practical applications of such a device are many and mind blowing.