Emotion measurement
United States

Affectiva envisions a world where effective opt-in emotion measurement and communication increases understanding and improves lives. We strive to transform products, processes and lives by making emotion measurement and communication affordable and respectful. We are committed to building a profitable and thriving business while serving the greater good.
The Affectiva Q™Sensor measures sympathetic arousal by measuring skin conductance. Skin conductance is a measure of electrodermal activity (EDA), sometimes called Galvanic skin response. The Q creates a tiny current across the surface of the skin and measures subtle electrical changes arising from the activity of the sweat glands, which “fill up" with increased cognitive and emotional activation.
Use Affectiva’s facial expression platform, Affdex, to recognize anatomical facial muscle movements called action units as well as to characterize collections of those movements together with larger motions of the head such as nods or shakes. Bayesian machine learning processes are used to combine the facial and head movements in order to recognize positive and negative displays of emotion as well as complex states such as interest and confusion.