Starlab is a science and technology oriented SME with expertise in high-tech research and in managing projects, as well as with EU’s Framework Programmes and the European Space Agency. In particular, Starlab is the co-ordinator of the now nearly completed PEACH project and of the STREP HIVE.

Starlab's mission is to transform science into technologies with a profound and positive impact on society. We achieve this by identifying social needs and the market opportunities they create. Then we reach to science and engineering to propose or provide technical solutions, products and services for governments, industry and downstream markets. Starlab Research carries out interdisciplinary R&D focusing on two areas: Space and Applied Neuroscience.

The growing Starlab team (now more than 28 on staff) includes 5 nationalities spanning knowledge in physics, engineering, oceanography, computer science, neuroscience and economics. Circa 50% of our staff have a PhD, and more than 80% a Master or PhD.

We target technology and applications: the development of new sensors and efficient algorithms to extract information from data, identification of platforms and deployment opportunities, as well as the development of services and products. Interdisciplinarity is a key aspect of our research.

Space R&D develops payloads, algorithms and mission feasibility studies. We have demonstrated experience in GNSS technologies, radar altimetry and space astronomy. Earth Observation applications include technologies such as GNSS-R, SAR and multi-spectral analysis for environmental and energy applications. We have demonstrated expertise in the development of innovative sensors and systems in both the Space and Applied Neuroscience areas, signal-processing algorithms, with a strong specialization in electrophysiology algorithms, software and hardware. It will also manage the project and prospect potential commercial impact.