Human-Computer Confluence Research Challenges 2013
HCI research over three decades has shaped a wide spanning research area at the boundaries of computer science and behavioral science, with an impressive outreach to how humankind is experiencing information and communication technologies in literally every breath of an individuals life.

The explosive growth of networks and communications, and at the same time radical miniaturization of ICT electronics have reversed the principles of human computer interaction. Up until now considered as the interaction concerns when humans approach ICT systems, more recent observations see systems approaching humans at the same time. Humans and ICT Systems apparently approach each other confluently.

Human Computer Confluence has been mentioned to become a research priority in "Horizon 2020" (2013-2020), the funding programme of the European Commission that follows after the 7th Framework Programme (FP7, 2007-2013). HC2 VISIONS is a research agenda solicitation action (FP7 FET Project HC2) which may or may not be influential to the FET work programme discussion on new directions in human computer confluence. The HC2 VISIONS workshop invites key experts to pose initial research challenge statements articulated by the scientific community in a crowd sourced solicitation attempt. The goals of the workshop are to shape research challenge statements indicating (i) vision, (ii) research approach and (iii) expected impact of prospective research issues by world leading experts in the field. HC2 VISIONS is accompanied by a web-based white-book initiative at http://hcsquared.eu/hc2-visions-book.


Giulio Ruffini - Opening: CEO Starlab
Alois Ferscha - Opening: Visions Workshop
Fausto Giunchiglia - The Social Computer
Alois Ferscha / Stephen Bishop - Position Statements - The Social Computer
Yvonne Rogers - The Future of Interaction
Jeroen van den Hoven - The Ethical Computer
Joe Paradiso - Responsive Environments
Darwin Caldwell - Human Robot Confluence

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