Monday, May 14
09:00-10:00   Registration
10:00-10:30   Opening
       President Austrian Computer Society
       Opening Remarks HC2
       Welcome from HC2 VISIONS
10:30-11:30   Keynote
       Perception Beyond the Here and Now
       Albrecht Schmidt, University of Stuttgart
11:30-12:00   Coffee
12:00-13:00   Open Dialogue / Position Statements
       (5 min per Position Statement)
13:00-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:30   Invited Experts
       Living in Blended Spaces
       David Benyon, interaction Design, Napier University
       Towards Socio-Technical Urban Superorganisms
       Franco Zambonelli, Università di Modena
       Socially Interactive Systems
       Paul Lukowicz, DFKI
       Human Robot Confluence
       Daniel Roggen, ETH Zurich
15:30-16:00   Coffee
16:00-17:30   HC2 Roadmap Panel I - Structuring VISIONS
19:00-       Dinner

Tuesday, May 15
09:00-10:00   Keynote
       Emotionally Intelligent Interfaces
       Peter Robinson, University of Cambridge
10:00-10:45   Invited Experts
       Mobiles in the Future Internet
       Max Mühlhäuser, Technische Universität Darmstadt
       Multisensory Internet Communication
       Adrian David Cheok, National University of Singapore
10:45-11:15   Coffee
11:15-12:00   Invited Experts (contd.)
       Interaction through cognitive prostheses
       Ricardo Chavarriaga, EPF Lausanne
       Attention Recognition
       Alois Ferscha, Johannes Kepler University of Linz
12:00-13:00   HC2 Roadmap Panel II - Structuring VISIONS
13:00-14:00   Lunch
       End of Meeting